Hiebler - full-service provider for plastics technology since 1985

Hiebler has been a versatile full-service provider in the fields of plastics technology, multi-component production and injection moulding as well as tool and mould making, since 1985. Our range of services ensures we have everything covered, making us a competent partner for companies, private customers and inventors, alike. We support our customers from conception and product development, to construction and design, all the way to the finished product.

What with 30 years of experience in plastic injection moulding, we are proud to be specialists in multi-component technology. We find solutions for your products by using a variety of plastics and plastic-metal combinations.

Our fleet of state-of-the-art machines includes over 26 injection moulding machines, each with a respective clamping force of 50 to 800 tons and shot weights of 1 to 3000 grams, as well as fully automatic production stations. So we can tailor our production to your individual specifications.

As an innovative, experienced mould and tool-making company, we offer our customers services spanning all areas of mould construction. Use our technical scope and capacity to set the stage for your productivity.

Customer service is a number one priority at Richard Hiebler. Our ‘Leading Company Austria’ seal of approval now makes our expertise palpable.

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Certified quality: IATF 16949:2016

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