In our tool making department, we design and manufacture high-quality tools for the development of new products in close cooperation with our customers. For larger production volumes, we make use of selected mould-making facilities in Austria and abroad.

In addition to maintaining high quality standards, we pay close attention to adhering to strict tolerances and ensuring a short turnover in development during production.

As an innovative, experienced company in mould and tool making, we offer our customers services from all areas of mould construction. Use our technical scope and capacity to set the stage for your productivity.

Hiebler will develop your new product concept and advise you on the best design and dimensioning of tools for application with plastics. In no time at all, we are able to create impressive 3D CAD models suitable for production.

We can also offer last-minute support in the production of whole components and assemblies.


alwneuoffenMost recently, we have also added laser welding to our list of services.

This welding process is often used for joining individual components to make prefabricated parts, as the energy necessary to make the component is much lower and more concentrated for laser-welded components than for other welding processes. This results in less thermal distortion.

The greater working distance (up to approx. 100 mm distance) also allows for welding to be carried out in places that are difficult to access.

But the thing that makes laser welding so impressive, is that it makes it possible to produce any seam geometry (butt, overlap and fillet welds). For larger gap widths, filler materials may be used.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Welding of different material types and thicknesses
  • Spot-on, precise energy input
  • Contact-less, force-free processing
  • Minimal thermal material impact
  • Welding of complicated seam geometry
  • Shorter post-processing

Certified quality: IATF 16949:2016

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