Customer satisfaction

We achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best quality, adhering to deadlines and keeping to promises, as well as by economically fulfilling the requirements of our customers.

We work with our customers directly in order to get an idea of the specific requirements of the customer on site.

Sticking to deadlines

By responding quickly and flexibly to our customers' requirements with regard to changes and special requests, we strive to increase customer satisfaction and thus to work with our customers to shorten timings on both sides.

Employee satisfaction (employees and management)

The satisfaction of our employees is paramount. Our company endeavours to employ qualified and competent team members. For this reason, we conduct regular trainings and workshops to increase employee satisfaction and secure jobs through the excellent qualifications of our employees! 

We endeavour to foster a pleasant working environment, and to ensure that all employees enjoy working at the business which, in turn, minimises sick leave.


Accuracy of measurements and execution, design conformity, economic efficiency

By accuracy of measurements, we mean the conformity of the products supplied by us with the tolerances which we have committed to observing pursuant to the order verification.

By accuracy of execution we mean the conformity with samples (colour, shape, execution, surface quality) which we have committed to providing pursuant to the order verification.

By design conformity we mean proper production and conformity with the drawings, whereby it is not decisive whether this design was produced by us or provided by the customer. Product feasibility is verified in the course of the order verification.

By economic efficiency we mean that our services are calculated and offered in such a way that they guarantee the sustained success and thus the continued viability of the company. All employees responsible for pricing have their calculation documents and guidelines. Management alone determines prices for market launches or market acquisition, should these prices not cover our calculated costs.

By keeping to our promises, we mean that, wherever possible, our stipulated deadlines are communicated to the customers such that they can be met with our capacities. In doing so, we take all factors which we can influence into account. Events which we cannot influence (delays by the customer, by suppliers, machine failure) are discussed with the customers and, if possible, new deadlines are agreed upon.

Suppliers (Appreciation and partnership)

We consider our suppliers to be partners and endeavour to foster strong, long-term relationships.

We measure the quality and commitment of our partners and give them regular feedback.

If necessary, we involve suppliers in our supply chain, in our work flow and are continually committed to improving our partnerships within the scope of the relevant projects.

Price should not be the only deciding factor.

Environment – security - health - ethics

Environmental and safety factors are firmly rooted in the management system.

Training, raising awareness and providing information are integral parts of qualification planning.
The areas of legal compliance, substance/waste management and accident prevention, in particular, are the main focus in this respect. The use of resources (input/output) is constantly monitored for environmentally relevant factors and, if necessary, steps are taken to improve the ecological situation.

In the area of health, the first steps are being taken towards preventive care. Examples of this are free flu vaccinations and nutrition (complimentary apples).

Ethics is also being integrated into daily business operations, for the first time. A corporate code of conduct applies to all our employees and we have an ethics escalation policy.

Further development (CIP)

CIP is key to our business and improvements are derived from employee surveys and management reviews. A separate area has been created in which all employees can submit their suggestions for improvements either anonymously or publicly. 

The key figures and control areas are well-founded, and improvements are implemented continuously and regularly based on key figures/analyses.

The satisfaction of employees and customers is recorded (employee surveys and customer self-assessment) and the continued improvement process is also demonstrated by a trend diagram based on process capabilities performed.

The results of internal meetings are managed exclusively via one single medium, enabling a sense of overview, transparency, effectiveness and plausibility.

Certified quality: IATF 16949:2016

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