For our customers

We are a reliable partner and help our customers to realise their high quality standards. The notion of quality encompasses product quality, quality of service and the quality of the partnership. With this holistic understanding of the term quality, we set standards for our customers.

As a ‘Leading Service Company Austria’ it is clear to us, that all our activities and decision must be people-centric.

For our suppliers

It is only possible to make a faultless product with faultless parts. This is why we see our suppliers as important partners, whom we support, if necessary, and incorporate into our processes. They play an integral part in meeting our high quality standards.

We expect our suppliers and partners to commit themselves to environmentally friendly practices. Through our environmental programs, we pursue ambitious goals for the continuous reduction of use of resources, consumption of energy and raw materials, and amount of waste produced.

We see quality as being our communal path to success. This is why we continually strive for improvement. In this way, day by day, each and every employee regardless of their level plays a very specific part in contributing to the success of the company.

For the environment

Environmental protection is integral to our corporate culture and something each employee is responsible for. We conserve natural resources, develop environmentally compatible products and use suitable production processes. Compliance with environmental standards and laws is a matter of course for us.

We demand and promote environmentally conscious action at all levels of the company by informing and motivating our employees.

Certified quality: IATF 16949:2016

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