You define the framework - We provide the solutions.

Due to its superior properties, plastic can, in many cases, replace other materials such as ceramics or metals. Plastics are cheaper, easier to process and much more flexible in form and function.

Creativity in dealing with plastics has always been our forte. No matter how unusual your concept may be, Hiebler is guaranteed to be a competent partner. As much as Hiebler has decades of experience, it never moves its finger from the pulse of innovation and as such has everything to provide you with plastic or hybrid solutions no matter the requirements.

Our highly qualified creative team is on-hand to advise you on how to adapt your idea for series production using plastic or how to modify and optimise an existing product (weight, colour, material). Selecting the suitable material is essential to the product development process and our specialists are well-versed in systematically choosing materials based on the later product application conditions.

Development examples

A successful example is Le Laurion - an exclusive gift bottle with integrated illuminated coin ( The original concept was to place a gift coin in a specially patented bottle, which in a second step is filled with fine spirits or exquisite wines. The coin illuminates when it is touched by a special magnet. "Our project and development team developed, designed and produced both the plastic component that keeps the coin (sealed) in the bottle as well as the cover for it," explains the managing director proudly.

Le Laurion 1

Le Laurion 2

Certified quality: IATF 16949:2016

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